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A program that can help you organize your list of contacts and personalize them
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Each person has a lot of acquaintances and their contact details can be sometimes hard to remember by heart, so an address book can be the solution for anyone who wants to simplify this matter. In the past, a notebook or a mobile phone could have served as devices suitable for writing down the contact details of a person. Nowadays we can use a software to do that for us. A helpful software of this kind is the Free Address Book. If you are a company looking to keep a database with clients or employees and their details, this application is also the right choice.

In order to create a contact details list you have to right click on the interface and select "New". After that, you have to complete the required fields with the person’s first, middle and last name, the company name, country, city, address and telephone number.

This program allows you to import and export the list of contacts from one PC to another, by saving the contact details to separate files. You can also print your selected contact details if you need to. Anyone can choose to organize the contacts list into groups. It is easy to find them afterwards and you can do that with only one single click.

Another advantage that the application provides is that it allows to load a photo for each contact from the list. You can also add notes and remarks to each contact, which is quite nice. If you’re not satisfied with the program’s default fields, you can add custom data fields to each contact. The supported operating systems for this free address book application are Windows Vista, XP, and Windows7.

Briefly, Free Adress Book is a free of charge program that can really help you organize your contacts and their details.

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